Find it. Fast.

Remote location discovery and triggering

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Three colours to chose from to suit your style

Never lose your treasured possessions again

With the Seek Trackers and the iTrack Easy App installed on your iPhone or Android phone, you can always be assured you will be able to locate the things that mean the world to you.

  • Keys
  • Purse
  • Gadgets
  • Children

  • Phone
  • Laptop
  • Satchels
  • Even Cars!

Life is too short to waste time looking for things

Great value 3-packs available in the Shop

We sell Seek Trackers individually, in any colour you like, but we also have great deals on 3-packs so you can save AND secure your valuables. Put one on Keys, Purse and have one in the car. Or your keys, wallet and give one to a loved one to look after their treasures too!

Two Way Seek | Find

Both mobile and tracker will alarm if they are separated by a user-defined distance


Press just one button to take a selfie photo using your paired phone

Multi-Task Management

Manage up to 8 trackers on one device at the same time

Low Power Usage

The ultra-efficient battery allows Bluetooth to work for 2-3 months, and standby can last up to 8 months

Network Search

If you lose your items, all our other Seek app users can help to find it : Our server will send notification to your phone if a user tags they have discovered it

Location Tracking

If your tracker loses connection, the app will record the location in the built-in map